Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For us, West Virginia's Big Bear 2X12 was...

Photo by Solo_Goat

...driving through the mountains as the sun sunk behind
...finding out there was free camping with hot showers right at the start of the course (score!)
...pre riding the course, mostly in the dark with one light (because, why not?)
...eating summer sausage and cheddar for our pre-race meal
...braving the thunderstorm, crazy winds, and torrential downpours in our trusty two-man tent
...finding a diner in the morning with WonderBread french toast (yikes)
...racing as a coed duo on a 13 (not 12, what?) mile lap course (meh, no biggie)
...pushing hard to each do our part
...subsisting on Coke, cookies, and Hammer during the race
...crashing hard twice (me) and getting a mechanical (Ron)
...pushing forward hard to make up the time
...twisting and turning our way through the 3rd best pine tree section I've ever ridden (1st and 2nd include Webs and Old Webs in the Kingdom Trails of course)
...placing 3rd with my incredible teammate
...meeting our awesome competition and making new friends
...considering the Stoopid for a little more fun and a lot more pain
...turning the car to get Mexican instead and call it a weekend
...watching the sun sink again behind the green rolling mountains and fog filled valleys
...a weekend with priceless memories

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