Thursday, June 2, 2011

The first post

...and so it begins. The story of a girl whose parents placed her on her first, banana seated (pink) bike at age 6. Nestled in the countryside in neighborhood between two farms, riding was fun, riding was exciting, riding was vital. As a teenager, my father placed me on my mother's road bike and our 20 mile rides were long and tiresome, yet exhilarating. In college my then boyfriend, now husband gave me a lifetime gift and placed me on my first ever mountain bike. The passion that developed for mountain biking as we wound our way through the Pennsylvania woods, over the Pennnsylvania rocks, and up and over Vermont's Green Mountain range remains unmatched. 25 years after sitting on that first pink bike, I stand on many a start line humbled and thrilled by the professional, elite women competing at my side. This is the story of that girl, who fondly looks back on the many rides past and with great anticipation looks forward to the numerous roads and trails she has yet to discover.

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